Boundary Surveys

Are you unsure of where your block’s boundaries are located? Are you and your neighbor disagreeing about where your block’s boundary is located? Do you do construction work close to your boundary? 

 You should also consider the location of covenants, restrictions, easements, etc. You can also determine the extent of any encroachments. The physical marking of property boundaries involves the determination and marking of lots. 

Sometimes, determining property boundaries can prove difficult and time-consuming for a Surveyor. There are many factors that can cause this, including inaccurate or incomplete historic Deposited Plans, damage to survey reference marks or property boundaries being difficult or impossible to access. It is more difficult to find older areas, where it has been several decades (sometimes even hundreds) since the registration.

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Do you plan to build a fence along your boundary? 

It makes sense to make sure the fence is built in the correct position with a boundary survey, as you’ll be spending quite a bit of money. 

Before you erect a fence or do any other construction close to your property boundary, it is a good idea. Boundary Surveys are used to determine the exact location of parcels of land. They also physically mark the boundaries with survey pegs and other appropriate boundary marks. This allows the contractor to build the wall or fence in the right location and prevents any potential disputes. 

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