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We specialize in detail surveys (also called contour surveys, feature survey or topographical surveys), and identification reports (also known by ident report or identification surveys). Are you renovating or building? The Council will require that you provide a detailed survey. The most reputable surveyors are those from Newcastle. 

A Land surveyor will prepare a Detail Survey, of your property. This shows the features and structures (buildings/driveways, trees, creeks, etc.). The land and possibly neighboring land. The Detail Survey allows your home builder to see the structures and features within the parcel and to help you design your home. A Detail Survey Plan is required by Council as part of a DA/CDC. 

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Detail refers to both man-made and natural structures on a piece land. It can include vegetation, soil types, buildings, utilities, fences, boundaries, roads, landmarks, and so forth. This type of survey usually limits itself to the boundary of the parcel of property. Surveys will often include data like the elevation of land. This is the height above an arbitrary datum or level. 

These documents include all information regarding the property, adjacent properties, and street features. In fact, they contain everything required by your local Council in order to modify or develop land and property. 

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