Identification Survey Report 

An identification report provides information about the boundaries of a block of land as well as an outline of any buildings that may be found on the land. What is an Ident Survey? A survey that is necessary to identify existing buildings or improvements on a parcel is called an Identification Survey, or simply Ident. Only a Registered Surveyor may conduct it. 

What is an Ident Report? It is always recommended that you hire a Surveyor to conduct an Ident survey before you purchase a property. Normally, your solicitor will request an Ident report. To protect you from any potential problems that can only be identified by a Surveyor, he will normally obtain an Ident report. Vendor Disclosure Legislation requires that vendors of property provide obligatory warranties as well as other legal information. Other information can be provided by the Ident report to speed up the process. 

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Information is included in an Ident Report to determine the location and boundaries of buildings, a Surveyor in Newcastle will measure the area. He will verify whether there are any Easements for drainage or other purposes. Covenants and Restrictions on Land Use. The Surveyor will also check for compliance with these conditions. The Surveyor will pay particular attention to any encroachments on or upon the land, or any Easements. The Surveyor will report the distances between the wall or eaves, and gutters at the boundary of the land in the case of a residence. 

A Ident Survey is a way to ensure that you are purchasing the property you have seen and that you are aware of any problems or discrepancies that could affect its value or cause anxiety with Council or neighbours. A Registered Surveyor must prepare an Identification Survey Report in NSW. 

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